Commit to Vote for Fran in the Primary


 In 2018, District 17 can elect a state senator who will focus on       elevating the quality of life for all Texans. A state senator who will   represent the people she was elected to serve.  A state senator who   seeks to work on solutions and strategies that break down barriers   instead of creating them.

 A vote for Fran Watson is a vote to put the People First.

 It starts with the March Primary.

 Can we count on your vote for Fran Watson to be District 17's   Democratic Nominee?

 Early voting begins February 20th.  For more information, visit our   Election information page. 


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    Curious about a "tee-spring" type arrangement for yard signs - where we can buy our own directly from the shop once the campaign creates the design?

    and e-forums or an e-town hall - and the youth vote!!

    - Lisa
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