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    Even though I do not live in Fran’s district, I fully and whole-heartedly support her campaign. You see I am the mother of an amazing 12 year old transgender boy. His life and positive future are my number one goal. I met Fran a few years ago when she and I went through media training leading up to the HERO initiative. Fran openly and enthusiastically supports transgender rights, including use of bathroom access based on gender identity. My son attends school in a district that discriminates against transgender students. And despite my exhaustive efforts to persuade them to let my son use the boy’s bathroom and locker room, they continue to favor the assumed opinions of the parents of the other student. Meanwhile, my son comes home everyday hating P.E. and asking to be removed from that class and contemplating leaving this school district. My son feels unwanted and shamed by the school district’s actions. Fran will be one more voice fighting for all LGBTQIA rights to make Texas a more welcoming state. As a native Texan, I appreciate Fran fighting for all Texans, including my son.

    H. Ann Elder
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    TX22 Town Hall

    March For Our Lives: Student Issues, Student Voices

    In the spirit of the youth activism that has a newfound place in our society, students from across the Texas 22nd Congressional District are collaborating to hold three town halls on Apr 7th, Saturday, in responding to the March for Our Lives Town Hall Project in the nation. These town halls, run by students and for students, are to focus on and address non-partisan and non-polarizing student concerns.

    The main purpose of these events is to encourage students to use their voice as constituents and to participate in the civic dialogues. As students from both the Republican and Democratic groups are participating, the events are officially nonpartisan and the student organizers do not endorse any specific policies or candidates over another. Rather, we endorse the open discussion between Republicans, Democrats, and Nonpartisans alike in regards to our differences. Although dissonance in ideology or ideas is bound to emerge in the dialogue between candidates, elected officials, and constituents, it is important that we engage in a dialogue with each other in order to approach pragmatic solutions. Dissent in opinion is not a mark of division, rather, it is a building block for unity and solution.

    The four topics being addressed in each of the town halls are Gun Control and School Safety, Mental Health and Bullying, Over Testing and Academic Pressure, Student Civic Engagement, and other relevant issues. Being that this is a student- and education-based event, students, teachers, and parents are invited to ask questions at the event. Admission will be granted via e-tickets, and those who register for a free ticket will be given the opportunity to submit questions relevant to the topics in advance via an online document. Remaining space will be available on a first come first serve basis, and there will be designated spaces for press at the event. Additionally, invited candidates/officials will be asked to provide a five minute speech about themselves and their platforms at the beginning of the event.

    Candidates/officials will also be offered tables to set up and dispense materials about themselves.

    The town hall meeting in the Sugar Land will be held in the Elkins High School (location to be confirmed), 1-3PM on Apr 7th, Saturday.

    The invited officials will include: Congressman Pete Olson®, Texas 22nd Congressional District Candidates in the Runoff election: Sri Preston Kulkarni (D) and Dr. Letitia Plummer (D). The state senators and representatives including the candidates, and school board members of the local school district as well as the candidates will be also invited to attend.

    We look forward to your participation in this important event, and please let us know if you or your representatives will be able to attend. Hope to hear back from you soon!

    -Yash Parmar and Team
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    The denial of services to special needs children, as documented in the Chronicle’s many articles beginning in the fall of 2016. Shame on those who brought it about, and about those who have underfunded our public schools and created this culture of denial. I hope you will stand strong on this issue—happy to share further thoughts about it—and if you are the nominee I would be pleased to endorse you.

    Rabbi Danny Horwitz