Reproductive Justice

Reproductive Justice is a human rights’ issue that impacts race, gender, class, identity, and access. 

Unfortunately, when politically speaking about reproductive issues, messaging is often reduced to “pro-choice” and “pro-life” with a vote being cast based on which side one falls.  Government leaders must move past the politically charged language surrounding abortion.  Instead, as justice advocates have stated, reproductive health should be placed in a larger context of health and wellness for women, families, queer people, and all types of communities.  Once our leaders do this, the role of government in the decision-making process of family planning would drastically change.  Instead of passing laws that regulate women and other people who may become pregnant, leaders in government would focus on breaking down systems of inequity and creating pathways of access for communities to be on a level playing field for success.

Fran will work to solve problems of inequity and access, which directly impact the health and wellness of Texas communities, which in turn provide reproductive justice.  

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