Fran Signs Joint Statement Calling For Sensible Gun Legislation

Fran Watson Joins Dozens of Texas Gun Sense Candidates Across the State in Calling for Sensible Gun Legislation

HOUSTON, TX - In the wake of the tragic shooting in Santa Fe, Texas on Friday May 18, Fran Watson, candidate for Texas State Senator, District 17, is proud to sign a joint statement with more than three dozen other Texas Candidates for Gun Sense in calling for sensible gun legislation to reduce gun violence and promote gun safety.

“These fatalities should not, yet they continue to be a common occurrence. After these fatal mass shootings, communities unite to help and work to center the families affected by these acts of domestic terrorism. Thoughts and prayers are offered by elected officials.  However, these same officials ultimately vote against common sense gun reform. Texas must take a legislative stand to pass gun safety protections.” said Watson.

“We are gratified to have so many Texas state legislative candidates with the Moms Demand Action distinction participate in this statement,” said Claire Barnett and Alec Johnson, coordinators of the joint statement. “Our constituents are ready for concrete action to solve this devastating epidemic, and Texas is fortunate to have candidates across the entire state committed to pursuing sensible gun policy.”

Regarding the shooting at the Santa Fe, Texas High School, May 18, 2018.

A Joint Statement by Texas Candidates awarded the

Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction

Our hearts break for all those affected by the horrific shooting that took place at Santa Fe High School. Nothing we write will diminish the grief and anguish sweeping over this community. Nothing can remove the fear that students across the nation feel every day as they go to school. No words can reassure parents dropping their children off at school that they won't lose them in what was once regarded as a safe haven.

It's time for effective action and leadership, not more thoughts and prayers. Every one of us is proud to have been granted a Candidate Distinction from the Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense organization. We mean to earn that today and every day by giving our full-throated support to their sensible proposals to end gun violence and promote gun safety, which include:

  1. Criminal background checks on all gun sales.
  2. Keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers.
  3. Red Flag Laws.
  4. Prohibiting bump stocks.
  5. Funding gun violence prevention research.
  6. Stopping permitless carry.
  7. Keeping guns out of schools and off college campuses.
  8. Stopping gun trafficking and straw purchasing.
  9. Promoting responsible gun storage and ownership.

Texans are ready to make the changes necessary to protect our children and each other. We look forward to working with folks in our own communities who are willing to stand up and fight the epidemic of gun violence that plagues us all. There's a role for all of us to play, and we encourage those who are interested to visit

Here is the link to the view which candidates signed the letter-

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