Support for Gun Safety Protections in Texas



Parkland.  Sutherland Springs. Las Vegas.  Orlando.  San Bernardino. 

Sandy Hook.  Fort Hood.  Virginia Tech.  Columbine.  

After these fatal mass shootings, communities unite to help and work to center the families affected by these acts of domestic terrorism.

Thoughts and prayers are offered by elected officials- many who ultimately vote against common sense gun laws.

It is time for Texas to take a legislative stand to enact gun safety laws.  Working to regulate the sale of ammunition.  Conducting background checks.  Enacting gun violence protective orders or Red Flag laws.   As Texans, we must work to protect our children, our schools, and our communities. 

Will you sign our petition and tell our state leaders take a legislative stand to protect Texas?


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    We all want to see common sense gun legislation in Texas. Thank you.

    Sheila Conner
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    Karen Meyer
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    Mary Morrison