Pledges to Work to Shift the Focus in Austin Back to the People of Texas

Houston, Texas – Wednesday, August 9, 2017 – Fran Watson, Attorney and Mediator at Simoneaux & Watson, has announced online her candidacy for Texas State Senate, District 17.  The district covers parts of Harris, Fort Bend, and Brazoria Counties. 

“I’m a lawyer, a mediator, a community advocate, and I am qualified and ready to go to Austin to work on the people’s behalf to get back to the basics. To put the people first,” Watson announced in a video released on her personal Facebook page.  

“The focus in Austin has shifted.  Instead of focusing on making sure Texas families are taken care of such as having access to healthcare, high performing public schools, leading to more jobs, and a thriving economy, our Texas legislature is focused taking away local control which affects local communities, local economies, and tears apart families.” 

A native Houstonian who has spent most of her adult life in the district, Watson has served on various committees and initiatives that seek to ensure equality, equity and fairness for Texans. After spending many days in Austin during the 85th legislative session, Watson has seen firsthand what happens when constituents are not at the table.

“When Texans are part of a process our laws, policies and strategies are more expansive, allowing more people access to equitable opportunities helping to build a bigger, stronger Texas.  Unfortunately, we’ve seen the alternative during the 85th Legislative Session- laws passed that are unnecessary, only benefit a few, and further isolate vulnerable Texas communities.”

The people are ready for new leadership. “Fran Watson represents everything that is lacking in the Texas Legislature today.  Fran knows what the problems facing people in SD17 are and will take their concerns to the legislature to fix and not burden the people of this state with laws that do not represent them.”  Nisha Randle, Local Activist

“I look forward to meeting everyone on the campaign trail as we work together to make sure Austin has leaders who put the people first.” 


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  • Jaye Sutter
    commented 2017-08-09 21:52:48 -0500
    Thrilled to learn of this exciting news. All in for you Fran. My husband and I will do our all for you!!!!