Fran Watson is Officially on the Ballot!

FRAN WATSON IS OFFICIALLY ON THE BALLOT FOR TEXAS SENATE, DISTRICT 17   AUSTIN, TEXAS — Fran Watson is officially on the ballot as a Primary Candidate for Texas State Senate, District 17, which covers parts of Harris, Fort Bend, and Brazoria Counties.  On Tuesday, November 21st, Fran traveled to the Texas Democratic Party headquarters in Austin to file her application to be placed on the 2018 Primary Election Ballot.  After a review of the document, the application was accepted by party officials.  “The Fran Watson for Texas campaign is officially underway.  I would like to thank everyone who has supported and encouraged me following my announcement to run for State Senate. The excitement and momentum are there, and we are ready to work on building a state government puts the People First.” An attorney and community activist and advocate, Fran believes in People First, which means that everyone, regardless of look or circumstance, deserves equal access to the opportunity to succeed in the State of Texas.  This belief is a driving force for Fran’s public service, including her run for Texas Senate.  “The people of District 17 deserve a Senator who will work to break down barriers instead of creating them. I am ready to work on people-centered solutions that elevate the quality of life for all Texans.” The Primary Election in Texas is March 6, 2018.  The General Election is November 6, 2018.    

Keeping Up with the Campaign #FranOnTheMove

The #PeopleFirst Campaign is moving along and the excitement continues to build.  Fran has been visiting various clubs and organizations around the District as well as making appearances at several events.  Want to keep up with Fran?  Make sure you follow her on Instragram.  Her handle @franwatsonfortexas.  You can also find her on Twitter using the handle @franfortexas and on Facebook at      

Fran Watson Hosts Her Campaign Kickoff Event!

THANK YOU! On behalf of the core team and kickoff committee, thank you for attending the Fran Watson for Texas Campaign Kickoff Party.  We hope you had fun and are excited about the opportunity for change.  The room was full and it was encouraging to see folks gathered to support the People First campaign!   For those who were unable to attend, we look forward to seeing you at some upcoming events.  You can still view the speaking part of the program including Fran's speech on the on the Fran Watson for Texas Facebook page- People First Kickoff Program.Let's build on the momentum and work together to create a state government that puts the People First!  Make a contribution of any amount today. Here are a few pictures from the event. 

Fran Watson is on the Campaign Trail! #Roadto500

Fran has been on the campaign trail meeting people who are looking to vote in leaders who put the People First.  She has visited clubs and organizations and attended events in Harris, Fort Bend, and Brazoria Counties.   In order to get on the ballot for the chance to serve as District 17's Senator, Fran must collect petition signatures from at least 500 registered Senate District 17 voters.   If you are interested in coordinating a signature collection canvassing effort in your SD17 neighborhood, please send an email to and you will be put in touch with our Volunteer Coordinator, Rachel Afi Quinn.     

Harvey Recovery Shifts

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered to help families in our community in need right now! Our teams have been out all weekend, but there's still so much left to do. There's a few shifts available for homes in need Sunday afternoon, and we got 5 new homes in need for Monday shifts. Sign up here if you can, thanks for everything you all are doing.

Why I am Running

It was a late March evening. We were in Room E2.306, which is three floors underground at the Texas State Capitol. The room had been full for much of the day as they moved people from the overflow room to the main committee hearing room. We were before the House State Affairs Committee speaking on Senate Bill 4, the anti-immigrant bill (now law) that allows law enforcement officers to question a detained person's immigration status and blocks local governments from passing laws that would prohibit such question. I, along with many others, had already testified in opposition of the bill before the Senate State Affairs committee a month earlier. Something was different. I recognized many of the folks testifying, but of course there were a few new faces. My entire demeanor (and testimony) changed when the next set of witnesses approached podium. There were 11, 12, and 13-year-old children approaching the podium with tears in their eyes to speak to the House Members. They would start by saying their name, their age and “I am a US citizen.” The gist of the children’s testimony was that they have hard working parents and are afraid at any given day they could come home and their parents would be gone. Those children spent their Spring Break speaking up and speaking out. Those children were speaking out to protect Texas families. Yet, most of our representatives passed SB4 and other bills like these that not only could tear apart families, but take away local control, legally discriminate, punish and isolate Texans. That is why I am running for the Texas Senate. It is time to replace the leaders in Austin and re-shift the focus back to people-centered legislation, policy, and problem solving. When we put the People First, we build a better, stronger Texas for all. Let’s get to work.  


Pledges to Work to Shift the Focus in Austin Back to the People of Texas Houston, Texas – Wednesday, August 9, 2017 – Fran Watson, Attorney and Mediator at Simoneaux & Watson, has announced online her candidacy for Texas State Senate, District 17.  The district covers parts of Harris, Fort Bend, and Brazoria Counties.  “I’m a lawyer, a mediator, a community advocate, and I am qualified and ready to go to Austin to work on the people’s behalf to get back to the basics. To put the people first,” Watson announced in a video released on her personal Facebook page.   “The focus in Austin has shifted.  Instead of focusing on making sure Texas families are taken care of such as having access to healthcare, high performing public schools, leading to more jobs, and a thriving economy, our Texas legislature is focused taking away local control which affects local communities, local economies, and tears apart families.”  A native Houstonian who has spent most of her adult life in the district, Watson has served on various committees and initiatives that seek to ensure equality, equity and fairness for Texans. After spending many days in Austin during the 85th legislative session, Watson has seen firsthand what happens when constituents are not at the table. “When Texans are part of a process our laws, policies and strategies are more expansive, allowing more people access to equitable opportunities helping to build a bigger, stronger Texas.  Unfortunately, we’ve seen the alternative during the 85th Legislative Session- laws passed that are unnecessary, only benefit a few, and further isolate vulnerable Texas communities.” The people are ready for new leadership. “Fran Watson represents everything that is lacking in the Texas Legislature today.  Fran knows what the problems facing people in SD17 are and will take their concerns to the legislature to fix and not burden the people of this state with laws that do not represent them.”  Nisha Randle, Local Activist “I look forward to meeting everyone on the campaign trail as we work together to make sure Austin has leaders who put the people first.”