After Harvey


Harvey was a devastating storm that moved across Texas, dumping 51 inches of rain, leaving parts of Texas underwater.  Senate District 17, with over 800,000 Texans in three counties, was severely impacted.  Families were displaced.  Schools in multiple districts were closed.  Homes were severely damaged with some being destroyed.  

Responses in the early aftermath were immediate.  Local leaders, officials, and first responders were amazing guides during the storm.  Communities in and outside of the state worked to rescue flood victims, open shelters, and collect and distribute items needed for displaced families.  Our campaign team coordinated cleaning crews, collected and delivered supplies, and shared vital information to connect folks with available resources.   

What Can Texas Leaders in Austin Do?


As recovery continues, Texas must address-


There have been several damaging storms in the last 10 years.  Another storm will happen again, and we must be as prepared as possible.  Texas must invest in local flood-prevention initiatives that strengthen reservoirs and improve drainage systems by 1) completing existing projects and 2) utilizing 500-year flood plain data instead of the 100-year data and calling on trained experts from various fields including environmentalists and ecologists in addition to engineers, to provide long-term solutions. 

Climate Change

Leaders must address our changing climate that is driving extreme weather patterns.  The gulf of Mexico is getting warmer which has an affect on the strength and speed of storms.  Additionally, we can work on environmental solutions in the state of Texas.  Studies show that just the act of reducing greenhouse gas emissions lower the risk of strong storms.  Leaders in Austin must move beyond politics and look at the data.  Texas families deserve solutions.  Let's bring in the people who can help provide them. 

Fran will support measures that reduce the effects of these storms and will work to find solutions to protect the people of District 17 and the people of Texas. 



 (photo credit-Los Angeles Times and Houston Chronicle)

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